Impossible list

Impossible list

It’s been a while since I joined a YouTube channel, Thomas Frank, which brings several ideas about productivity and personal efficiency. In your personal blog has a tab called Impossible list that nothing more than a list of objectives to be achieved during our long journey in this crazy and complex world.

I liked the idea and therefore this space will be reserved for this end.

In Thomas’s words…

Think about what your true life goals are, and constantly evaluate your progress towards them. In other words, be mindful of your path.

Current Focuses:

Life Goals:


  • Run a marathon

  • Ollie - longboard.

Professional Goals:

  • Doctorate in computational statistics or machine learning.


  • Learn to program in R (2016)
    • Learn to program in C++

    • Learn to program in Python

    • Become fluent in Spanish

    • Become fluent in French

    • Become fluent in English

      • TOEFL
    • Learn to play guitar


  • Rubel.
  • Charlie Brown Jr.
  • Avenged Sevenfold
    • Emicida
    • Criolo
    • Bacu do Exu do Blues
    • 3030
    • Detonautas

    Video Games:

    • Divine rank in Dota2


    Andryas Waurzenczak
    Undergraduate at Universidade Federal do ParanĂ¡ and trainee at Banco Bradesco.